Creative Bushel

Portfolio of Work

Creative Bushel is proud to present our portfolio of client work. Presented below is a showcase of our recent website design & development projects.

West Pole Land & Ranch - Real Estate

Web Design & Development

Creative Bushel designed and built a modular CMS that provides West Pole Partners tools to quickly launch new individual property listing websites as well as update the core marketing website. Craft CMS powers these fast websites at the core, alongside Static Site Generated sites for individual property listings websites.

Special Agent Group - Real Estate

Web Design & Development

Creative Bushel has helped Special Agent Group migrate away from the constraints of their former setup, and now they are self enabled to make content updates to the website's content Listings, and Page content. The CMS is a headless CMS and the frontend is using Remix to render the pages "on the edge" SSR style.

Hestan Vineyards

Web Design & Development

Working in partnership with PBMedia, we helped with design and development of Hestan Vineyards website over the course of multiple evolutions keeping up with the market. We helped the Hestan Vineyards team migrate through an commerce upgrade resulting in a new website and integrations.

Buda Farmers Market

Web Design & Development

Creative Bushel designed and built a new CMS that provides editors tools to quickly update the website's Page and Vendor content. This new Jamstack architecture is powered with a headless CMS and Static Site Generator. Previously we used Craft CMS successfully for years, and prior to that Bolt CMS was used.